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Looking for On-Demand CLE and Commission Qualifications Videos?

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Upcoming IPDC Seminars

For a complete list of upcoming training programs offered by the Indiana Public Defender Council, please click the calendar image below to be routed to IPDC's page on Eventbrite.

IPDC Training Calendar

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Remote Case Review Opportunities

IPDC training and research staff are available via Zoom to conduct case reviews with defenders. We brainstorm your Theory of the Case, discuss evidentiary issues, help you plan cross examination, prep for oral argument, or address other case issues. A great way to stay connected with colleagues and case trends during these complex days.

Earn Distance CLEs [free for PD cases] and assist your clients. The more lead-time the better the experience, but we will set a session as-needed and schedule permitting.

Sessions run from 1-3 hours.

Please email Diane Black to set a session. There is a case review form that must be completed to guide the session and qualify for CLE credits. Stay well, Diane

If you have questions email the Training Director, Diane Black, or call (317) 232-3344.

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