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IPDC Membership

Are you currently a public defender, contractual pauper counsel, or other court appointed attorney regularly appointed to represent indigent defendants?

Then getting engaged with IPDC comes with numerous benefits, including:

10 1000's of instant colleagues and friends

9 Assistance with legal issues and trial emergencies

8 Online access to expert database and Practice Guides [Search & Seizure; Pre-Trial; Traffic law and others]

Practice Guides

For decades, IPDC has been providing manuals and practice guides used by criminal defense attorneys all across Indiana. Now, all of these indispensible publications are available online for IPDC members.

Member's of IPDC often get the benefit of 24/7 online access to our manuals and publications in a online, PDF format, before they are even available for printing. These Practice Guides can also be downloaded, or printed, and can be saved on any of your devices for quick, digital access when you need them. If you are interested in a list of what all is available, Click Here to view a list of our current publications. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, there are more resources online including, but not limited to, a motion bank, case bank, jury instructions, seminar and training materials, and much more.

7 Listserv for questions/practice help or to share accomplishments

6 Discounted Lexis/Nexis subscription fee


Lexis Advanced provides cutting edge technology for attorneys to conduct legal research online.

IPDC members can get this service at a discounted rate, including access to unlimited case citation searches and Lexis Advanced for Microsoft tools as well. For more information on this, Click Here to view how to take advantage of this offer.

5 Information-sharing and consultation with Research and Litigation Experts

4 Digital access to the Weekly Defender with weekly case updates

Weekly Defender

Stay up to date with Indiana case law and other legal news with this weekly publication.

Members can not only get this great publication delivered directly to their inbox every week, but members can also view every issue from 1997-Present in the member's only section on our website.

3 Community who understands what it means to be a public defender and/or criminal defense lawyer

2 Discounted rates on IPDC seminars

IPDC Seminars

What better way to stay up to date on current laws and best practices than to attend a seminar hosted by IPDC.

To view a list of upcoming seminars, please Click Here

1 Because you and your clients are worth it!


The membership of the Indiana Public Defender Council consists of all public defenders, contractual pauper counsel, and other court appointed attorneys regularly appointed to represent indigent defendants. Ind. Code ยง 33-40-4-2(b). For purposes of determining membership in the Council, "other court appointed attorneys regularly appointed to represent indigent defendants" means any attorney who is appointed to represent indigent defendants pursuant to a uniform system of periodic appointments or is on the list maintained by the Public Defender Commission of attorneys qualified to be appointed in a capital case under Criminal Rule 24 and is willing to accept such an appointment.

Persons who are eligible for membership and are not currently a member may apply for membership by completing this form and mail/email/fax it to the Council. If you have any questions, please contact the Council office.

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