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Civil Legal Services

Civil Legal aid is free legal assistance to low and middle income people who have civil legal issues. These issues are non-criminal. The type of issues you can receive assistance with includes:

  • Accessing life necessities such as government benefits and disaster services (SNAP, School Lunch Program, SCHIP, TANF, SSI, disability, veterans, FEMA); housing (loans to repair, foreclosure, eviction, unsafe housing, subsidized housing benefits); and healthcare (Medicaid, Medicare, Affordable Care Act).
  • Ensuring safety and stability including individual safety (domestic violence, stalking or other harassment, elder abuse, child abuse and neglect); family law (child support, adoption, guardianship, divorce); and keeping child and youth in school (school discipline hearings, accommodations).
  • Supporting individuals’ economic security including employment (proper payment for work performed, safe working conditions, securing drivers/professional licenses, accommodations for people with disabilities); taxes (filing and getting low-income tax credits); and consumer protection (consumer fraud and scams, predatory lending, unfair debt collection practices and managing debt).

To find and learn more about a civil legal aid provider near you, go to the Indiana Pro Bono Commission

Many law schools offer clinical programs that provide free or low-cost legal help to those who qualify. In a typical clinical program, a law student working under the supervision of an attorney will assist you. (Click Name to Open)

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