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How to Appeal Your Delinquency Case

You may be able to ask for an appeal if you disagree with what happened in your juvenile case. An appeal is when judges in another court look at your case and decide if a mistake was made. If the judges decide that a mistake was made, the judges will decide whether the mistake was serious enough to change what happens in your case.

You must ask for an appeal within 30 days of your disposition hearing. The disposition hearing is when the judge decides what will happen to you and what you must do because of your case. You can ask for an appeal by telling your attorney that you want one. Your attorney will let the court know you want an appeal.

If you do not have an attorney you can tell the court directly that you want an appeal. When you do this you should also tell the court that you want an attorney to help you in your appeal. If you have questions about how to ask for an appeal you can contact the Juvenile Defense Project at (317) 232-7212 or send an email to

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