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IPDC Board of Directors and Board Information

Indiana Public Defender Board of Directors

Meet the Members of the Indiana Public Defender Council's Board of Directors

Board Policy and Procedures for the IPDC Board of Directors

Meeting Notice

Special and Regular Board Meeting

In light of Indiana’s State of Emergency, IPDC will follow the guidance in Executive Order 20-04 and conduct a fully electronic meeting. The public is welcome to attend by the electronic means that are set forth below. To see the Executive Order, Click Here.

Regular Board Meeting

May 6, 2021 at 5:00 PM

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5-6-2021 Board Materials

Prior Board Meetings and Materials

3-11-2021 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

1/28/2021 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

12/17/2020 Board Meeting Materials and Minute

2020 Board Retreat (9-19-2020 to 9-20-2020) Meeting Materials and Minutes  

7-1-2020 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

6-11-2020 Board Meeting Materials and Minutes

Board meeting minutes 1977 to 2019