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IPDC Board of Directors and Board Information

Indiana Public Defender Board of Directors

Meet the Members of the Indiana Public Defender Council's Board of Directors

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Board Policy and Procedures for the IPDC Board of Directors

Board Member Handbook (2021)

Meeting Notice

Special and Regular Board Meeting

Next Board Board Meeting Notice

Time: Jun 23, 2022, 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 889 4552 3876

IPDC Board Committees and Assignments

Committee DescriptionMembers AssignedStaff Support

Policy Committee & Liaison

Purpose: (1) identify legislation and policy issues on which the Council should take a position; (2) make policy recommendations to board; (3) assist staff in maintaining liaison contact with local, state, and federal study commissions, organizations, and agencies re: indigent defense; and (4) make recommendations to board re: legislative or policy changes in indigent defense services in Indiana.

Jennifer Wilson-Reagan (Chair)

Amy Karozos

Joel Schumm

Kay Beehler

Denise Turner

Renee Ortega

Jeremy Gooch

Michael Moore

Strategic Planning


Ashley Spolarich (Chair)

Jennifer Sturges

Shaunda Lynch

Deana Martin

Jennifer Wilson-Reagan

Jeremy Gooch

Bernice Corley

Training, Publications, and Technology

With respect to Training, the purpose: (1) identify training needs of members; (2) make recommendations to board re: training; (3)  make recommendations to training director re: training objectives, site, format, presenters/trainers, written materials, etc.;  (4) evaluate training programs; and (5) make recommendations for improvement.

With respect to Publications, the purpose is: (1) identify publication needs of members; (2) make recommendations to board re: publications and priorities; (3) make recommendations to staff re: targeted audience, format, size, appearance, etc.; (4) evaluate publications (members satisfaction, quality, effectiveness, etc.); and (5) make recommendations for improvement.

Jennifer Sturges (Chair)

Deana Martin

Kay Beehler

Amy Karozos

Denise Turner

Renee Ortega

Diane Black
Jack Kenney

Executive Director Evaluation Committee


Joel Schumm (Chait)

Ashley Spolarich

Michael Moore

Prior Board Meetings and Materials

5-6-2021 Board Meeting & Materials

3-11-2021 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

1/28/2021 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

12/17/2020 Board Meeting Materials and Minute

2020 Board Retreat (9-19-2020 to 9-20-2020) Meeting Materials and Minutes  

7-1-2020 Board Meeting Materials & Minutes

6-11-2020 Board Meeting Materials and Minutes

Board meeting minutes 1977 to 2019

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