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Back on the Road

Back on the Road
Relief from Driver’s License Suspension

Effective 1/1/2022, a new law (House Enrolled Act 1199) will help Indiana drives keep or regain their driving privileges if their driver's license is or will be suspended for administrative reasons such as; traffic violations, no-insurance violations, failing to pay outstanding tickets, or for failing to appear in court.  Below is an informational video hosted by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council in partnership with IPDC and Indiana Legal Services of Indiana.   The video walks through the new law and how it will apply to various suspensions and how drivers who are or will be suspended can legally get "back on the road."   Also, please find a copy of the Powerpoint slides, an informational pamphlet, and a series of flowcharts demonstrating how drivers with a no-insurance suspension can stay their suspensions and drive validly.

1.  Pathways out of License Suspension

2.  Back on the Road Powerpoint

3.  Follow this FLOW CHART to see if your license can be reinstated without paying a reinstatement fee.

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