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Workshops and Counseling

If you need to register for a retirement benefit workshop, webinar, or counseling session please use the scheduler below. For information about our workshop and webinars, go to this section.

Are you interested in getting expert help with your retirement from an INPRS retirement services consultant?* If so, sign up today for a retirement benefit workshop or webinar to receive:

  • Information to help you budget for retirement
  • A personalized benefit estimate
  • Explanation of retirement options
  • Step-by-step instructions for completing a retirement application**
  • Information about working after retirement
  • Answers to your retirement questions

*You must submit your retirement application no later than 90 days before your retirement date. Generally, if you submit your application 90 days before your retirement date AND your employer submits to INPRS your final day worked and wage information, you can expect your first pension check one to two months following your retirement date. If you annuitized your funds, you can expect your monthly annuity payment to begin two to three months after your retirement date.

Currently, these workshops are intended for PERF and TRF members only. Members of the other INPRS plans are urged to contact the Member Advocate Team to schedule an individual counseling session, or discuss plan specifics with their employer. To obtain information about workshops scheduled in your area, you may also call us at (844) GO-INPRS.

Registration is required. Please sign up at your earliest convenience due to limited seating. Employers ONLY who wish to join a presentation scheduled in your area or speak with an outreach representative should call PERF or TRF at the number above. When you get the automated attendant choices, listen for the choices for “Employers” and "Outreach Services."

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