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Employer Reporting & Maintenance

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Welcome to the Employer Reporting & Maintenance Resource Page

The Employer Reporting and Maintenance (ERM) application was developed to serve as the tool for reporting contributions to INPRS and to help make employers’ interactions with INPRS less complex and more efficient. For employers that participate in multiple funds (for example: PERF/TRF or PERF/1977 Fund), ERM is a one-stop application. Employers no longer need to access multiple systems to perform certain duties. The ERM application allows employers to maintain employer-related information, enroll new members, maintain member information, and submit wage and contribution data for each employee, all in one location. Below you will find links to help you with your tasks in using ERM.

Attention Employers: Updating Contacts and Users

You'll soon receive emails further explaining the importance of your assigned Staff User Security Roles and contact types in ERM.

When adding Staff Users, administrators must assign a security role to each. This security role determines the amount of access a User has in the ERM application, which then dictates the activities a user can complete. Some security roles offer limited access to the application, while others let Users complete nearly every activity available. To review each Security Role ranked from most access to least access to personal employee information in ERM, click here.

Along with the type of Security Role, users must also assign a contact type. These contact types show us each employee’s job title at your organization, and the responsibilities followed. It is vital to have the correct contact type listed to know who to reach out to if there is an issue that needs to be resolved within their role. To review the contact types and definitions within ERM, click here. To review the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) showing step-by-step how to manage submission contacts and users in ERM, click here.

ERM does not automatically remove past employees from the system. If you do not disable your employee's access within ERM when they leave your workplace, they still have access to your dashboard based on their current administrative role. Previous employees can still log in using their work email address if it is listed in ERM. Allowing your terminated employees access to current employees' information creates multiple risk factors that could result in accessing and possibly changing a current employee's personal information. Although ERM is an INPRS system, your company is responsible for compliance issues that result from outdated access.

Additional information regarding this process will be sent in the coming weeks. If you have recently updated your contacts and users, please email the Employer Advocate Team at confirming you have reviewed and/or updated your contacts in ERM for our audit purposes. If you have questions, please contact our Employer Advocate Team at (888) 876-2707.


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