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INPRS Employer Update: February 2024

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Coming Soon: Automated LDIP/LCD and MM Retirement Notifications

You spoke and we listened! Starting this spring, INPRS will be sending automatic email notifications to employers when members submit a standard and/or Millie Morgan retirement application.

The automated notifications for LDIP/LCD information will be sent 7 days prior to the members retirement date and again 10 days after the retirement date if the LDIP/LCD has not been submitted in the ERM system. If the LDIP/LCD information is not in ERM after 15 days of the retirement date, the Employer Advocate Team will send requests with case numbers.

You will receive Millie Morgan notifications once applications are submitted or 30 days prior to the retirement date, whichever occurs first. Unlike the LDIP and LCD requests, these notifications are not on a standard schedule. The Millie Morgan notices will indicate if the member has elected to continue member contributions or not.

All Funds: ERM Spring Cleaning

Start your spring cleaning early by tidying up your contacts in ERM. Need a refresher? We got you covered.

Wage and Contribution or Adjustment:

The wage and contribution report shows which reports are in a “validated” status. You can resolve these reports by fixing the presented errors or submitting them for payment. If the report is no longer needed, you may delete it from your dashboard.

Missing Member Report (Missing Member Greater than 60 days):

The Missing Member Report helps identify which member accounts have missing wages and contributions and the last reported date. To remove a member from the report, resolve any applicable life event and/or the missing wages and contribution.

Why is it so important to keep my dashboard up to date?  

Disregarding member accounts can potentially cause a miscalculation of their retirement benefits. When creditable service isn't updating in the system, members can miss out on potential gains to their accounts.

Not keeping your dashboard up to date not only affects your members but you as an employer. If you are not periodically reviewing your dashboard, you may be prohibited from reporting until all needed information is updated. If you have any questions on how to make reports or adjustments, please get in touch with the Employer Advocate Team at (888) 876-2707.

Upcoming INPRS 2024 Closure Dates

Good Friday                          Friday                             March 29, 2024   

Looking Forward

March: Alternate Calendars  
April: Teacher contracts, LDIPs

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