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Employer Update: September 2023

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HH open enrollment The Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS) is kicking off open enrollment for Hero’s Honor, its line-of-duty special death coverage, beginning November 1.

This benefit applies to 3 groups of employees/employers:

1. All 1977 Police and Firefighters’ Fund Employees at no cost. These members are covered for the same benefit under the line of duty death coverage and do not need to pay $100 for coverage.

2. Most Public Safety Officer positions listed in IC 5-10-10-4 at no cost.  Some positions listed in the IC require $100 payment and are identified in the code as requiring the employer to pay for coverage.

3. Certain emergency medical service providers have the opportunity to provide their employees with $225,000 of line-of-duty death coverage for just $100 per year for each employee, through INPRS’s program, Hero’s Honor.

The Hero’s Honor benefit applies to:

  • EMS workers employed by a person that has contracted with a political subdivision;
  • Emergency medical service providers performing air ambulance services employed by a health care system affiliated with a state educational institution;
  • Police officers and firefighters* who work for non-state post-secondary educational institutions;
  • Police officers employed by an operator**
  • County and deputy coroners***; and
  • Firefighters who work for a public-use airport that maintains a fire department.

*accredited by the North Central Association
**under IC 8-22-3-34(b)
*** under HB 1174

If you elect to cover your police, firefighters, or emergency medical service staff, you must include your entire staff of police, firefighters, or emergency medical service workers. The open enrollment period is from Nov.1 through Nov.30.

If you have questions, please contact the Employer Advocate team at (888) 876-2707 or at

Clean up your ERM Dashboard

It's time to clean up your ERM dashboard! Use the list below to ensure your employees' information is accurate and safe.

  • Review and update all contacts/users in ERM.
  • Deactivate any contacts/users who should no longer have access to ERM. These contacts/users are active and have access to your data until they are deactivated in ERM.
  • Email INPRS at that you have updated your contacts so we can remove you from the audit list.

Secure your spot on the Retirement Journey you Deserve with INPRS

This October, inspire your colleagues to secure their spot on the retirement journey they deserve with support from the retirement experts at INPRS. As public employees, they have exclusive access to an INPRS retirement, generously provided by employers like you.

We’re sending information directly to employees on Monday, Oct. 2, but we wanted you to get a preview of what’s ahead:

Our education team has expanded appointment availability and will be online and in-person offering presentations about INPRS’s retirement plans, how they work, the importance of saving, and how to retire. Encourage your folks to sign up here.
Schedule an on-site visit by one of our retirement consultants. Email your employer contact directly or email us at to schedule a visit.

State employers: We’re partnering with Hoosier START on Oct. 4 for an event showcasing retirement benefits for state employees at every stage of their career. State employees can register at

Download posters, desktop backgrounds, and other fun materials to get you and your colleagues get excited about planning a postcard-worthy retirement on our resources page.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to realize their retirement dreams. Let the retirement experts at INPRS help you and your employees achieve theirs.

Upcoming Tasks...


  • All Employers: Hero’s Honor open enrollment
  • TRF: Enter your fall break dates on the alternate calendar (alt cal) in ERM
  • My Choice open enrollment for 2024 starts until the end of November.


  • All Employers: Submit payroll calendars
  • PERF: My Choice open enrollment


  • 1977 Fund: Certified Salary submission (new, online process coming!).
    • Make sure contacts are updated to receive forthcoming instructions.

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