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Employer Update: March 2024

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96 rate change

In the actuarial valuation on June 30, 2023, INPRS found that the TRF '96 DB contribution rate of 6.0% is insufficient to cover the promised benefits. It is anticipated that the TRF '96 DB employer contribution rate will increase to an estimated 6.5% during the INPRS Board of Trustees meeting in April 2024. The new proposed TRF '96 DB contribution rate will take effect from July 1, 2024. This rate will also be the total employer contribution rate for the TRF My Choice plan beginning July 1, 2024.

School Units Only:  Don't Forget to Set Your Alternate Calanders
Does your return from some much-needed time away often result in a reporting gap?

We know the last thing you need is a headache, especially when there’s a simple way to avoid them. Plan ahead and set up an alternate calendar in ERM.

Alternate calendars are a great tool to use during holiday and seasonal breaks. With an alternate calendar set up in ERM, INPRS will know why there’s a gap in your reporting.  Setting up an alternative calendar keeps your system informed and can make those unwanted M-90 (Gap and Wages) errors disappear.

Add your Alternate Calendar today by clicking “Manage Submission Unit” in ERM and clicking “Add Alt Calendar”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Employer Advocate team at (888) 876-2707.

1977 Fund: Choose your Preferred Delivery Method
You as an employer have two options on how you wish to send over baseline applications, corrections, and/or intent to hire forms. You may send INPRS these documents via mail or fax at 317-974-1616. We ask that our employers do not send us these documents over email, as it does not protect your members’ highly sensitive personal information.
Once you select your preferred method, please consistently use that method when sending over future documents to avoid any confusion or additional processing time.
If you have any questions or concerns, please give our Employer Advocate team at (888) 876-2707.
LDIP/LCD and Mille Morgan Retirement Automated Notifications
As stated in February communication, later this spring, INPRS will be sending automatic email notifications to employer when members submit a standard and/or Millie Morgan retirement application.

Keep in mind, the automated notifications for LDIP/LCD information will be sent 7 days prior to the members retirement date and again 10 days after the retirement date if the LDIP/LCD has not been submitted in the ERM system. If the LDIP/LCD information is not in ERM after 15 days after the retirement date, the Employer Advocate Team will send requests with case numbers.

You will receive Millie Morgan notifications once applications are submitted or 30 days prior to the retirement date, whichever occurs first. Unlike the LDIP and LCD requests, these notifications are not on a standard schedule. The Millie Morgan notices will indicate if the member has elected to continue member contributions or not.

Note: These auto notifications will be coming from a no-reply email address at Please make sure this email address isn’t being blocked by your IT department to ensure the notifications are getting to you.

Stay Tuned for More Information

As some as you may know, House Enrolled Act 1004 and House Enrolled Act 1104 have been signed. INPRS will be providing additional information about these laws and how they may impact you and your members in the near future.

Upcoming 2024 Closure Dates
Good FridayFridayMarch 29, 2024
Primary Election
TuesdayMay 7, 2024
Looking Forward

April: Teacher contracts, LDIPs, LCDs, Severance Pay

May: Sub teachers, intermittent annual verifications

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