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Employer Update: December 2023

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CS due

All certified salaries are due 1/1/24. As a reminder, the electronic form must be:

  • completed and signed by the Clerk-Treasurer, Controller or Trustee (Authorized Agent) of the city or town of the police and/or fire unit,
  • received prior to the first ERM payroll submission of 2024, and

If you need the link to access our electronic form, please call our Employer Advocate Team at 888-876-2707.

1977 Fund: 2023 Pension Relief Forms are Due in February 2024

Prepare to submit your 2023 Pension Relief forms and ensure your police or fire submission unit contacts are up to date in ERM. Complete this task as quickly as possible and confirm that contact type labels are applied appropriately. Our Employer Advocate Team uses this contact information to provide pension relief documents to suitable contacts within the unit.

If you need assistance, please call our Employer Advocate Team at 888-876-2707.

Help INPRS Share Your Employees' Stories

The work your employees do through public service is so important, and INPRS wants to be a part of sharing their story with others.

Help us celebrate hardworking Hoosiers by submitting photos of you and your colleagues on the job, in action, and serving their communities.

The work they do through public service is essential and we’re building out our library of photos to highlight the good work that they do, that often goes unseen.

If you can extend this courtesy, we intend to use the images for both internal and external use, so please keep that in mind before you submit. Images of your employees in action that you already use on your website or on social media would be great contenders. If you’re not the right person to submit this information, please forward it to the right person at your organization.

As the retirement benefits provider for over half a million Hoosiers, INPRS exists to make our members’ retirement dreams a reality. Thank you for considering our request as we strive to recognize and celebrate those that serve our communities and students throughout their careers.

Please submit photos and your contact information using this form at your earliest convenience and, as you have new images you’d like to share, you can use this form again.

All funds: INPRS 2024 Contribution Rates

1977 Fund: The INPRS Board of Trustees voted on Oct. 28, 2022, to set the 2024 rate at 19.1 percent effective Jan. 1, 2024, through Dec. 31, 2024.

All other fund’s contribution rates will remain the same for 2024. To view the 2024 Employer Contribution Rate information, click here

Upcoming INPRS 2024 Closure Dates

New Year’s Day  


January 1, 2024

MLK, Jr. Day


January 15, 2024

Good Friday 


March 29, 2024

Looking Forward

January 2024:
Pension Relief begins 1/1/2024

Certified Salary is due 1/31/2024

February 2024:
Pension Relief is due 2/2/2024

March 2024:
Submit your Alternate Calendars for Spring Break vacations!

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