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Program Management Group

The Program Management Group (PMG) is made up of experts ranging from senior managers to technical individuals whose mission is to oversee the work of Asset Management Teams and ensure all parts of the asset management process are functioning together as a unit. The PMG is also the owners of the call for "call for projects" state and the project selection process. The PMG provides the asset management guidance that creates prioritized lists of highest value projects through the asset management teams and then looks at fiscal constraints versus asset performance. It also reviews and recommends approval of changes to the program both in terms of fiscal constraints and individual project changes. The team is scheduled to meet every two weeks for review of changes with a meeting each month to discuss asset management issues, coordinated activities, schedules, and staff updates; and asset team meetings every eight weeks.

Program Management Group Purpose

  • Integrating transportation asset management into the organizational culture and influencing change
  • Establishing performance management standards and recommended metrics goals for future investment levels.
  • Approval of business rules and integration of asset management
  • Five-year Construction Plan Review and Reporting
    • Reporting System Performance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Trade-Off/Cross Asset Analysis
    • Developing asset management reports: KPI (moving the needle)
    • Contingency offset plans
    • Change management reviews and project re-prioritization
  • Researching and benchmarking best practices
  • Oversee the development of the Transportation Asset Management Plan
  • Performing agency level asset management assessments and gap analysis
  • Explaining the need special project requests and performing technical analysis to front office for decision making
  • Answer questions as to what can we do with various funding scenarios and impacts to KPIs
  • Ensuring the funding programs relative to capital expenditure and preservation are balanced.

PMG Membership Types

  • Full Members (Voting): Voting members include representatives of Executive Office, District Technical Services, Capital Funds, Planning, Bridge, Roadway, and Traffic Engineering). These members meet every two weeks and are expected to participate in up to 20 meetings annually.

  • Support Members (Non-Voting): The support members have very diverse backgrounds and responsibilities such as: Public involvement, communications, innovation, route transfers, maintenance and operations, environmental, project management, economic development, research, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), construction management, utilities, rail road, information technology, multimodal, local programs, and real estate.
  • Supporting members may also include stakeholder partners such as: Conexus Indiana, FHWA, metropolitan and regional planning organizations group is varies with as needed expertise; legislative affairs. The PMG will host up to three major meeting per year where all members will be invited to attend. Select Support Members can also be asked to attend routine PMG meetings as needed.

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