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Construction Stormwater Management Training

Construction Stormwater Training: Sign-up and Specifics

The Construction Stormwater Training is a self-guided training that can be started at any time. The training must be completed within 90 days of the start date, or you will need to restart the training. The training can be paused and resumed anytime within the 90 days. There are no longer scheduled start dates for this training.

This training is designed for Stormwater Quality Managers but can be taken by anyone interested in learning more about INDOT Stormwater Management. The Qualification expires three years after the completion date and should be retaken to maintain.

For the Construction Stormwater Training you must create an account on the INDOT Training Portal.For help with account creation or other issues related to the INDOT Training Portal, review the Quick Step Guide or reach out the INDOT eLearning team at

INDOT Construction Stormwater Training: Overview

The Construction Stormwater Training introduces participants to Erosion and Sediment Control regulations and practices through several online modules. The modules and exam require an estimated 8-10 hours for completion. All training modules will be available to participants beyond the completion date.

Stormwater Quality Manager

The Construction Stormwater Training is required by Standard Specification, Section 205- Stormwater Management to be a Trained Individual and INDOT’s Stormwater Quality Manager.

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