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Cultural Resource Publications

Professional archaeologists and historians, from both the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and private contractors, conduct cultural resource investigations in compliance with state and federal laws. Cultural resources include archaeological sites and extant historic buildings, structures, districts and objects; they are the material remains of our shared social history. Due to the volume of work completed over nearly 40 years, INDOT has likely been the largest sponsor of archaeological and historic investigations in the state. In order to support both educational and research interests, the Indiana Department of Transportation Cultural Resources Office (INDOT, CRO) is placing selected publications online.

Archaeology Reports

The archaeological work sponsored by INDOT has resulted in thousands of reports. Some investigations have yielded important information on Prehistoric (10,000 B.C to A.D. 1650) and Historic Period (A.D. 1650 to present) cultures. Some of the more important investigations are presented here.

Due to restrictions on revealing archaeological site locations, some of the reports have been edited for publication. Site locations have been removed.

Archaeological Investigation at the Diefenbaugh Site (12-Hu-396): Prehistoric and Historic Occupations in the Upper Wabash Valley, Huntington County, Indiana. 

Historic Reports and Mitigation

The history of our nation, our state and our communities is embodied in the built environment. The historic districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects represent a very real, tangible link to our history. In sum, these properties symbolize the trends, the pattern of our shared history and therefore the foundation of what it means to be a Hoosier or an American.

The selected Historic Reports provided below represent some of the unique surveys completed and resources identified for INDOT projects. 


In addition to the reports of investigation, INDOT, CRO and cultural resources consultants have put together educational or procedural presentations over the years.

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