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Exempt and Non-Exempt Resources

Exempt (not counted)

  • Burial and Funeral Trusts if irrevocable AND the amount is tied to specific funeral or burial services.
  • Home if any of the following live there:  spouse, child under age 18, disabled or blind child, or if the recipient is expected to return home.
  • Household furnishings
  • Income-Producing Property if income is greater than expenses of ownership.
  • Life Insurance if term insurance OR it has cash value and the face value is $10,000 or less AND the beneficiary is the recipient's estate or the funeral home.
  • Personal Effects (excluding collections)
  • Real Property in the sole name of the community spouse.
  • Vehicle--one of any value if used for the recipient's employment, medical treatment, has been modified to accommodate a disability, or is for the community spouse; otherwise, $5,000 of the current market value.

Non-Exempt (counted)

  • Annuities
  • Cash
  • Cash value of life insurance (not meeting criteria to be exempt)
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • IRAs
  • Series EE Bonds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Mutual Fund Shares
  • Pension Funds (if option exists to withdraw a lump sum AND as long as employment doesn't have to end to receive the withdrawal)
  • Real Property (if criteria for the home to be exempt is not met, then it must be offered for sale or rent at fair market value)
  • Stocks and Bonds

Note:  The asset protection earned by using Partnership policies is meant to protect the countable assets of the policyholder (since the exempt assets are not counted by Medicaid).