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Electronic Filings

All filings must be completed electronically

3 EASY STEPS to submitting your ILRC filing online!

STEP 1: Become an IN.gov subscriber (annual process)

STEP 2: Complete a memorandum of understanding and mail it to ILRC One-time process(must be approved by ILRC).

MOU (Third Party Preparer-Individual)
MOU (Third Party Preparer-Company)
MOU (Filing on own behalf)
MOU (In-House preparer)

STEP 3: File Online!

Please Note: New registrations, reports and amendments for the 2015 session must be completed in the new system. Any registrations, reports and amendments to filings completed prior to the period ending November 30, 2014 must be completed by using the old system, located here.

Miscellaneous Forms