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Investigations Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the Investigations Gaming Agents have law enforcement authority?Yes, IC 4-33-4.5-1(a) grants Gaming Agents full police powers. However, by law and agency resolution, the use of police powers by Investigations Agents is limited.  The Investigations Gaming Agents have full authority to access intelligence information.
  2. Where will the work be performed? Almost all work will be performed at the Indiana Gaming Commission home office located in downtown Indianapolis.+
  3. What hours will I be asked to work?
    Investigative Gaming Agents work a 7.5 hour day.
  4. Will there be travel required? Yes.  There will be travel required for the position.
  5. Will we be completing any criminal investigations? No.  The Investigations Division will not be completing criminal investigations.  We conduct background and financial investigations pertaining to applicant suitability for a gaming license in Indiana.