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Charity Gaming Forms

The new forms listed below comply with the new statute that took effect on July 1, 2019.

QUALIFICATIONS (Your organization must first qualify to be eligible to conduct any charity gaming events)

Form IdentifierTitle
CG-QA Qualification Application

ANNUAL ACTIVITIES (License issued for a period of twelve (12) months)

Form IdentifierTitle
CG-AL Application for Annual Activity License

SINGLE ACTIVITIES (A one-time activity)

Form IdentifierTitle
CG-SL Application for Single Activity License
CG-EN Exempt Activity Notification
CG-FES Application for Festival License
CG-CVN Application for Convention Raffle License
CG-CCA Candidate's Committee Application


Form IdentifierTitle
CG-SCHEDULE A Operator Attachment
CG-SCHEDULE B Worker Attachment
CG-SCHEDULE C Bartender Attachment


Form IdentifierTitle
CG-AM License Amendment Request(s)
CG-CO Current Officers
CG-EXP Expedited Application Request
CG-NPA Non-Member Participation Approval
CG-VTA Volunteer Ticket Agent
CG-SP Special Permission Request


Form IdentifierTitle
CG-AL FR Annual License Financial Report    Use for - Expiring Annual Activity License
CG-AL GR Annual License Gross Receipts Report    Use for - Expiring Annual Activity License
CG-SL FR Single Activity License Financial Report
CG-SL GR Single Activity Annual Gross Receipts Report
CG-DIST Charitable Contribution Distribution List
CG-INV Ending Inventory Statement
CG-DTL Inventory Destruction, Theft or Loss
CG-ESR Event Summary Report
ESR-DWM Raffle Board Daily Weekly Monthly Event Summary Report

ANNUAL AFFILIATE (National Organization/National Foundation only)

Form IdentifierTitle
CG-AAL Application for Annual Affiliate License
CG-AFF Affiliation Attachment for Annual Affiliate License (AAL) Applicants
CG-AAL FR Annual Affiliate License Financial Report
CG-AN Affiliate Notification
CG-AN ESR Event Summary Report for Affiliate Notification
CG-CO Current Officers


Form IdentifierTitle
CG-MA/DA Manufacturers and/or Distributors Indiana Gaming Card License Application
CG-MDQ Manufacturer and/or Distributor Quarterly Report
CG-MDNF Manufacturers and/or Distributor "Change of Ownership" Notification
CG-MDA Manufacturers and/or Distributor "Gaming Card License" Amendment Request