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Athletic Division Statutes & Rules

Compiled Laws and Regulations

NOTICE: This compilation incorporates the most recent revisions of statutes and emergency rules governing professional boxing, professional mixed martial arts, and amateur mixed martial arts as of October 19, 2012.  Note that this compilation is not an official version of the Indiana Code or Indiana Administrative Code.  It is distributed as a general guide to individuals in the boxing and mixed martial arts professions regulated by the Athletic Division of the Indiana Gaming Commission.  It is not intended to be offered as legal advice, and it may contain typographical errors.  The Indiana Gaming Commission is prohibited from providing legal advice on issues contained herein.  For legal advice, please consult an attorney.  To obtain official copies of the Indiana Code or Indiana Administrative Code, please contact your nearest public library or visit the website of the Indiana General Assembly at  

Emergency Rules

Proposed Rules

Final Rules

68 IAC 24