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Sports Wagering and Paid Fantasy Sports

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The Sports Wagering and Paid Fantasy Sports Division is responsible for administering and regulating sports wagering and paid fantasy sports in Indiana. Paid fantasy sports was established by Senate Enrolled Act 339-2016 and is contained within Indiana Code § 4-33-24. Sports Wagering is established by House Enrolled Act 1015-2019 and is contained within Indiana Code § 4-38.

The IGC will thoughtfully develop an application and regulatory framework for sports wagering. By statute, the earliest date in which sports wagering can be offered September 1, 2019 and is subject to regulatory approval. The IGC is committed to making this process transparent and to creating a strong regulatory environment that ensures the integrity of these activities in Indiana.

Relevant information will be continuously posted to our website. It is recommended that interested parties subscribe to email updates through our website in order to remain apprised of new information as it becomes available.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions, 317-233-0046.

Sports Wagering

As a courtesy to interested parties, the Commission is providing a draft of the Sports Wagering Emergency Rule. Please note that this is a draft document and is subject to change before final adoption by the Commission. Final adoption is anticipated at our next regularly scheduled business meeting on August 28th. The Commission is requesting that interested parties provide comment. Comments may be submitted to rules@igc.in.gov by August 1st.

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Paid Fantasy Sports

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