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How to become an Inspector

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Athletic Division is seeking individuals who would like to serve as the Commission’s on-site inspectors at professional boxing and mixed martial arts events conducted all over the state of Indiana.  The responsibilities include:

  • Attending and overseeing professional boxing and mixed martial arts activities
  • Working in coordination with promoters, event security, and venue personnel
  • Overseeing and monitoring the official fighter weigh-ins
  • Maintaining control of all locker room activities
  • Overseeing all activities during each bout
  • Ensuring state laws and regulations are strictly followed by all participants 

How do I apply?

These positions do not fall under state employment.  The performance of these duties for the Commission will be done as a private contractor and individuals will be paid a per diem for each night of work.  If interested, please fill out the following form:

Applications can be emailed to iac@igc.in.gov, faxed to (317) 233-0047, or mailed to:

            Indiana Gaming Commission
            Attn: Athletic Division
            101 W Washington Street
            East Tower, Suite1600
            Indianapolis, IN46204


If Athletic Division staff thinks you are qualified to help at future events, we will contact you to begin the training process and to sign you up with our temporary employment agency.