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Gift Waiver

An agency’s Ethics Officer or Appointing Authority can waive application of the Gift rule, 42 IAC 1-5-1, when consistent with the public interest.
The waiver shall:

  • be in writing; and
  • identify the following
    • the employee or special state appointee who is accepting the gift
    • the nature and value of the gift
    • the donor of the gift; and
    • why acceptance of the gift is in the public interest.

Written waivers must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the gift. Gift waivers filed with the OIG/SEC will be posted on the OIG website.

On-line gift waivers are not available at this time. Ethics Officers should mail the original (315 West Ohio Street, Room 104, Indianapolis, IN 46202) or email a scanned copy of the gift waiver they wish to file to . Once reviewed and processed, a file-stamped copy will be provided and the waiver will be posted on the website.

Gift Waiver form: