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Special State Appointee (Board and Commission members) Training

Ethics Training

Welcome to the OIG's Ethics Training for special state appointees (board and commission members). Completing this training will satisfy your obligation under the Code of Ethics to train within six weeks of your date of appointment and every two years thereafter. Completion of the entire course is mandatory. Please report your completion as required by your board/commission staff or Ethics Officer.  We recommend you print the training completion certificate at the end of the training and keep it for your records.

You can access the course here:

Ethics Training Course

Ethics Training - Accessibility Version

Please ensure you are using an up-to-date web browser and that your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

**Audio is not available in this training and is not required to complete the course. The course is self-guided and you should be able to read through all of the training content.

Please contact your agency Ethics Officer or your board/commission Director for additional information on ethics training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to complete the ethics training?

Administrative rule 42 IAC 1-4-1 requires all special state appointees in the executive branch to be trained in the Code of Ethics.

When do I need to complete the ethics training by?

You must complete the ethics training within six weeks of your appointment and then again at least every two years.

If I completed the training earlier this year or last year, do I still need to take the two-year refresher course?

Yes. All special state appointees must complete the refresher course.

What if the training will not launch?

Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your web browser and that the pop-up blockers on your browser are disabled. Contact your board/commission support staff if you still have technical issues.