Bribery Rule

Summary of the Bribery Rule

Don't give or accept compensation (excluding your salary) for doing job duties.

Examples of the Rule

  • You are an employee of the Department of Labor and would like to reward the employees under your supervision for their exemplary efforts over the last year. You may not take the employees out for lunch to compensate them for the performance of their official duties.
  • You are the director of an agency and have nominated a team from your staff to receive an achievement award from the Governor for their work on implementing a new program at one of the agency districts. Upon receiving the bonus, you may distribute it appropriately since the award is permitted by law.
  • You are a state employee who is especially eager to see riverboat gambling expand in the state. You may not offer to compensate a member of the Gaming Commission to vote in favor of a license you would like to see approved.
  • You are a Department of Natural Resources employee. Your mother’s house was burglarized. You may not give an Indiana State Police Detective $100 to handle your mother’s case.
  • You are an Indiana Department of Environmental Management manager. You may not pay one of the workers in your office to investigate possible pollution issues at the factory across the street from your house.

Past Advisory Opinions on the Rule

The Rule: 42 IAC 1-5-9 Bribery

A state officer, employee or special state appointee shall not pay or offer to pay any compensation for the performance of a state officer's, employee's or special state appointee's official duties except as permitted by law.