Financial Disclosure Statements

Financial Disclosure Statements are to be filed annually by:

  • State officers and candidates for state offices
  • Agency appointing authorities
  • Division directors of the Department of Administration
  • Any purchasing agent within the Procurement Division of the Department of Administration
  • Any agency employee, special state appointee, former agency employee, or former special state appointee with final purchasing authority
  • The chief investment officer employed by the Indiana public retirement system
  • Any employee of the Indiana public retirement system with certain recommendation, selection, and management duties (See IC 4-2-6-8)
  • Any employee required to do so by rule adopted by the Inspector General;
    See IC 4-2-6-8.

Important Information to Read Before Filing

You may file your financial disclosure statement online or by submitting a paper copy. If you submit a paper copy, you may download the statement from the web site of the Indiana Archives and Records Administration. Send the signed statement or deliver it in person to the address of the Office of the Inspector General listed on the form.

If you elect to file your statement online, your email address will be recorded in lieu of your signature. You are still subject to the same sanctions regarding false statements and late filing as if you would have personally signed a paper form.

If you are filing an attachment along with your financial disclosure statement, you will need to download the form from the Indiana Archives and Records Administration and mail it in, as the online version does not allow for attachments.

If you have no information to enter in a particular field, check the box marked, "No."

Once you have completed the form, click on the SUBMIT box. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement that you should save as proof that you filed.

The deadline for filing your financial disclosure statement is February 1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Inspector General receives your form (whether it is submitted online or on paper) on or before that date.

The Ethics Commission may impose a fine of $10 for each day that your statement is late in arriving at the Office of the Inspector General.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to file?
Not later than sixty (60) days after employment or taking office, unless the previous employment or office required the filing of a statement under this section. Thereafter, statements are due February 1st of each year.

What period of time does the FDS cover?
The statements due on February 1st of each year must include information from the previous calendar year (i.e., the statement due by February 1, 2018 must include information from 2017).

Do covered employees need to file when leaving state government?
Yes. They must file, not later than thirty (30) days after leaving employment or office, unless the subsequent employment or office requires the filing of a statement under this section.

Is the Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) I file a public document?

Will I get a receipt for filing the FDS?
If you mail your financial disclosure statement, a Certificate of Filing will be sent to you. If you file your financial disclosure statement online, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement and view your statement. Please print a copy for your records.

Is there a penalty for late filing?
Yes. The Ethics Commission may impose a fine of $10 for each day that your statement is late in arriving at the Office of the Inspector General.

What is "real property" (part 2)?
Real property means real estate, such as houses, land or other buildings.

My spouse retired from a job during the reporting period. Should it be listed in Part 3?
Yes. You may indicate the ending date if you wish.

My spouse received a free ticket to an event from a law firm that sometimes does business with my agency. I know that I have to report this under Part I, but am concerned that it will look like it was a gift to me. What can I do to clarify that?

Feel free to send an attachment by mail (the online form does not allow for attachments) to add any information that you think would better explain a situation.

May I fax in a filing?
No, the OIG no long has a fax number.

As a new official, I filed a FDS in early December. Must I file another one by February 1st?
Your December filing did not cover the complete reporting period. Therefore you must either file another one, or send a letter (before the February 1st deadline) attesting to the fact that your early December statement remains current through the end of the calendar year. Your letter should be signed and dated.

In Part 7 (Stockholder of Corporation), I know that I should list a stock holding worth more than $10,000, but what about a mutual fund?
Although many people do list mutual funds, these are not required under the law.

In Part 7, should I include stock worth over $10,000 if it is in my IRA?

Is it okay for me to skip a section that does not apply?
No. Check the box marked, "No." Otherwise you will be contacted to explain why information was not answered.

I am on the board of directors of a not-for profit. Do I have to disclose the name of that not-for-profit corporation?
No, the definition of the term “corporation” only includes for-profit corporations. However, you can disclose information about not-for-profits if you choose to.