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Flood Control

The Indiana Finance Authority received transfer of this program in 2016 from the Department of Natural Resources. In keeping with financing environmental projects that provide a benefit to communities who may have few financial options, this program will help communities with flooding problems.  This program is a state funded and state run program with no ties to EPA funding.  This program is administered by the SRF Loan Program.

Who is eligible?

Political subdivisions including cities, towns, counties and regional water, sewer, waste, sanitary and conservancy districts are eligible to apply.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

Eligible Flood Control projects must provide benefits to their respective communities and may include one or more of the following endeavors:

  • The removal of obstructions and accumulated debris from channels of streams
  • The clearing and straightening of channels of streams
  • The creating of new and enlarged channels of streams, wherever required
  • The building or repairing of dikes, levees, or other flood protective works
  • The construction of bank protection works for streams
  • The establishment of floodways
  • Conducting all other activities that are permitted by the federal Flood Control Act and federal Clean Water Act

How does a community receive Flood Control funding?

Flood Control Revolving Fund applications are due to the SRF Loan Program on January 15th of each calendar year. The IFA will review and prioritize the applications for funding for that calendar year. Applicants will be notified upon review. Selected Applicants will have one year from the date of project approval to complete a financing with the Flood Loan Program.

Application and guidance

For more information, contact:

Camille Meiners, P. E.
Director of Technical Review
100 N. Senate Ave., Rm. 1275
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 234-3661