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Mailing Address:
Indiana Finance Authority
One North Capitol, Suite 900
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-4332 Phone
(317) 232-6786 Fax
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Dan Huge, Public Finance Director of the State of Indiana (317) 234-2916 dhuge@ifa.in.gov
Andy Seiwert, General Counsel (317) 234-4780 aseiwert@ifa.in.gov
Jim McGoff, COO & Director of Environmental Programs (317) 233-4337 jmcgoff@ifa.in.gov
Connie McAfee, Controller (317) 234-4265 cmcafee@ifa.in.gov
Cindy Herron, Program/Office Manager (317) 233-4335 cherron@ifa.in.gov
Stephanie Mulkey, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (317)233-4332  smulkey@ifa.in.gov

Media Note:  For media inquiries please contact Dan Huge, Public Finance Director of the State of Indiana at (317) 234-2916

For Public Records Requests, contact Andy Seiwert, General Counsel at (317) 234-4780 or aseiwert@ifa.in.gov

Debt Management:

Mark Pascarella, Director of Debt Management (317) 234-2228 mpascarella@ifa.in.gov

Environmental Programs (State Revolving Fund and Brownfields):

Jim McGoff, COO & Director of Environmental Programs (317) 233-4337 jmcgoff@ifa.in.gov
Tonya Keller, Program Assistant Brownfields (317) 234-4293 tokeller@ifa.in.gov
Joanie Jones, Administrative Assistant SRF (317) 234-1279 joajones@ifa.in.gov
State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Programs (all contacts):

Bill Harkins, SRF Program Director  (317) 234-4862  wharkins@ifa.in.gov
Deborah Wright, General Counsel  (317) 234-4863  dwright@ifa.in.gov
Matt Martin, Finance Manager (317) 234-1278 mmartin@ifa.in.gov
Alison Martin, Finance Manager (317) 234-3080 almartin@ifa.in.gov

Indiana Brownfields Program (all contacts):

Meredith Gramelspacher, Director of the Indiana Brownfields Program & General Counsel (317) 233-1430 mgramels@ifa.in.gov
John Morris, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator (317) 234-0235 jmorris@ifa.in.gov
Sara Westrick Corbin, Financial Resources Coordinator (317) 234-1688 scorbin1@ifa.in.gov
Andrea Robertson Habeck, Technical Review Coordinator, (317) 234-0968, aroberts@ifa.in.gov

Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning Program:
Sarah Hudson, Director, (317) 232-2812, sahudson@ifa.in.gov
Evan  Fall, Project Manager, (317) 232-3195, efall1@ifa.in.gov
Karen Jones, Project Manager, (317) 232-8993, karjones1@ifa.in.gov

Send an e-mail to IFA's General Inbox with a question or comment, and a staff member will get back with you.