Downtown Indianapolis Parking & Security Changes

Downtown Parking

Due to increases in the number of state employees who work at the Indiana Government Center during the legislative session, public parking in the Senate Avenue and Washington Street Government Center garages has been discontinued.

Anyone visiting the Government Center for meetings or conferences will need to seek other parking options. Information about other downtown parking options can be found at

Government Center Security

Beginning on July 21, 2008, anyone without a security access card must enter the Indiana Government Center buildings using the designated public entrances.

Public Entrances:

South Building:  302 W. Washington Street (the eastern-most Washington St. entrance).

North Building:  Robert D. Orr Plaza (the center set of doors).

These entrances will be equipped with metal detectors and screening devices that are monitored by Indiana State Capitol Police, which is the same process that has been in place at the State House since the summer of 2007.

As a reminder, the Indiana Brownfields Program is located on the 12th floor of the Indiana Government Center North in Room 1275.  Please enter at the reception desk for all meetings and deliveries.