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Phase II (2019-Current)


The Indiana Finance Authority (“IFA”), with assistance from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, has developed Phase II of the Lead Sampling Program for Schools and Child Care Facilities (“Lead Sampling Program”) to help schools and child care facilities assess if there is a presence of lead in drinking water within their buildings. 

This program is funded in part by the U.S. EPA's Lead Testing in School and Child Care Program Drinking Water Grant authorized under the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act.

You can find the list of enrolled schools and child care facilities here.  This list is updated quarterly.


The IFA will accept applications for Phase II of the Lead Sampling Program on a rolling basis until the program is fully subscribed.

Prior to submitting an application, please review the IFA Lead Sampling Program Timeline and steps for Participants, to understand expectations.

Use this link to apply


Why is sampling for lead in drinking water a priority?

Recent events have increased the visibility of the risks young children face when exposed to elevated levels of lead. Drinking water is one pathway through which children can be exposed to lead. By participating in this program, schools and child care facilities join Indiana in continuing to advance safe and healthy environments for our youngest Hoosiers.  

Who is eligible to apply?

All Indiana public schools and child care facilities, recognized by the Indiana Department of Education and the Family and Social Services Administration respectively, are eligible to apply for the Lead Sampling Program.  A school or child care facility that is classified as a Public Water System is not included in the program because these facilities are already required to sample for the presence of lead.

What does the program provide?

The Lead Sampling Program covers the cost of sampling bottles, postage to send the bottles to the facilities and to the laboratory once collected, plus the sample analysis cost. Schools and child care facilities are responsible for collecting samples and any costs associated with remediation actions identified by sampling. The IFA will provide sample collection training, as well as remediation guidance specific to each facility’s results. 

What reporting requirements will be required?

Participants must make the sampling results available to the public by maintaining a copy of results in their offices or by posting the results online.


Program Resources

IFA Resources

 IFA Phase II Lead Sampling Program Fact Sheet

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IFA letter to Public School Superintendents (that did not participate in 2017 Program), November 2019

IFA memo to Public School Officials (that did participate in 2017 Program), November 2019

IFA Pipe Identification Guidance

2017-2018 IFA Lead Sampling Program Final Report, January 2019


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IFA Lead Sampling Program Template to Parents Letter


IDEM Resources

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Follow-up Steps for Schools with Lead and/ or Copper Sampling Results above the Action Level

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EPA Resources

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Sarah Hudson
Director, Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning Program
317-232-2812; sahudson@ifa.in.gov

Daniel Lundberg
Project Manager
317-232-3195; dlundberg@ifa.in.gov

Joanie Jones
Administrative Assistant
317-234-1279; joajones@ifa.in.gov

Stephanie McFarland
Media inquiries
317-602-1546; stephanie@mcfarlandpr.com

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