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IEERB Gateway Apps

IEERB Gateway (login) Applications

Application Due Date Submitter Role President Role Report Builder Supporting Documents
Collective Bargaining Reporting July 30 Data collection completed and submitted by Superintendent. N/A

Submission Log

Individual Corporation Results link

Statewide Results link

Report Output Example

2019 FAQs

Exclusive Representative Organization (ERO) Membership Verification October 1 Data collection completed and submitted by Superintendent. Submit Affidavit to Superintendent by September 15 – sample affidavit Results

2019 ERO Guide

Image of Gateway Collection 

Bargaining Status Form I November 15 Upload Affidavit received from Exclusive Representative by September 15th and input bargaining unit membership numbers. After corporation section is complete, President will receive email instructions to log in and complete Exclusive Rep section N/A Image of Gateway Collection
Collective Bargaining Contract Upload November 15 Superintendent uploads the ratified, signed contract in a PDF version along with any MOUs. Only one file is accepted. N/A View Teacher Contracts