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Protect Your Rights

What Does Indiana Disability Rights Focus On?

  • Preventing, finding and stopping abuse and neglect of persons with disabilities

  • Breaking down barriers and ensuring supports are available for persons with disabilities to ensure equality and inclusion in society

  • Empowering persons with disabilities by serving as a partner in rights issues, providing resources for self-advocacy and bringing awareness to society to eliminate discrimination

  • Accessibility, employment, education, community integration, justice and voting rights

How Does Indiana Disability Rights Protect Rights?

  • Investigate and eliminate staff abuse in facilities or by a service provider.

  • Reduce and eliminate staff and medical neglect in facilities or by a service provider.

  • Stop the inappropriate use of restraint and seclusion in facilities or by a service provider.

  • Identify and stop the financial exploitation of individuals with disabilities.

  • Address rights issues in regards to accessibility including, but not limited to: physical access, web and technology access, transportation, voting, and conditional rights.

  • Support integrated, community-based, and competitive employment of persons with disabilities.

  • Ensure access to a free appropriate public education in both a safe and least restrictive environment.

  • Encourage community integration of persons with disabilities into inclusive, livable, supportive communities.

  • Ensure persons with disabilities, from youth through adulthood, are treated appropriately in justice settings.

  • Promote and grow the self-advocacy movement in Indiana.

  • Develop and disseminate accessible publications and electronic resources.

  • Create and implement a communication plan to bring awareness of Indiana Disability Rights and the Commission.

  • Build and foster relationships with community partners.

  • Develop strategies for involvement in policy-making activities.

What Can I Do?

Contact Indiana Disability Rights to discuss your situation with one of our advocates. You can call us at 800.622.4845 or fill out our online form below:

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