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Transferring Resident License from One State to Another


Agents moving to Indiana from other states must satisfy all licensing requirements applicable to resident agents. However, if the new resident agent was licensed for the same line(s) of authority in the agent's prior resident state, the agent will be exempt from any pre-licensing education and examination requirements. The following are steps the agent must follow in order to apply for a new resident producer license in Indiana:

  1. APPLY FOR INDIANA RESIDENT PRODUCER LICENSE. Apply for a new Resident Producer license in Indiana, which may be done online through either or*All license application fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective May 17, 2019, individuals and business entities with resident insurance licenses in other states who are moving their residency to Indiana no longer need to inactivate their previous resident state license before applying for a resident Indiana license. Once their new Indiana residency is established, they may immediately apply for a resident Indiana license without first inactivating the previous resident state license. This is to enable a timelier and more seamless license transfer process and prevent licensure in the previous resident state from being inactive during the license transfer process. If the previous resident state license is inactivated before an Indiana resident license application is submitted, an Indiana resident license application must be submitted no more than ninety (90) days after the inactivation date in order to be considered for approval in Indiana without completing Indiana pre-licensing education and exam requirements. In addition, if a licensee continues doing business in their previous resident state, the licensee must abide by the non-resident licensing requirements of that state.

NOTE FOR AGENTS WITH ACTIVE NON-RESIDENT LICENSES IN INDIANA: The online Indiana resident application will allow an individual with an active Indiana non-resident license to submit an application and update addresses with Indiana on the application. Once the application is approved, the active Indiana non-resident license will be inactivated and a new resident license/state license number issued.

Access Resident Agent Licensing Requirements


Agent must contact the new resident state the agent is transferring to for requirements on transferring the license. To cancel/voluntary surrender the resident Indiana license, submit the Service Request Form posted online at Indiana no longer issues Letters of Clearance; a state may view a change in license status online through the National Insurance Producer Registry. If an agent wishes to obtain a non-resident producer license in Indiana, the agent must first obtain a resident license in the new resident state then apply for a new non-resident producer license, which may be done online through either or*All license application fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

An agent transferring residency to a new state that is keeping an Indiana business address and conducting business in Indiana only (not the new resident state) may keep their resident Indiana producer license and update their resident address only online through either or

Access Non-Resident Agent Licensing Requirements

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