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Continuing Education (CE) Exemption for Retired Insurance Producers

Under 760 IAC 1-50-13, a retired producer who is required by an insurer to maintain his or her license in order to collect commissions on business written before retirement may apply for an exemption from Indiana continuing education (CE) requirements. A retired producer who solicits or services a policy is not eligible to apply for or retain the exemption from Indiana CE requirements. Also, a producer within his or her license renewal application period (which runs approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date up through the expiration date) is not eligible to apply for the Indiana CE exemption. Indiana CE exemptions must be requested outside of the producer's 90-day license renewal application period.

To request the Indiana CE exemption, the producer must complete and submit to the Department the following form:

The form must be notarized and mailed or emailed to:

Indiana Department of Insurance
c/o Agent Licensing
311 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204-2784

The Department will approve or deny the form. Once in retirement status, the producer may not write any new business or service any new or existing policies. The producer shall notify the Department of any changes in his or her retirement status. A producer who fails to notify the Department of any change in retirement status will be subject to administrative action under IC 27-1-15.6-12.

The producer will be exempt from Indiana CE requirements while in retirement status; however, renewal application fees must be paid in order to keep the license active. In order to come out of retirement, the producer must complete the Indiana CE hours required at the time the license was put into retirement.

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