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License Reporting Requirements and Resources for Producers (Agents/Agencies) and Adjusters

Last Updated: 2/12/21

  • Contact Change. A change of address, telephone, email, or fax shall be updated online through or, or through an individual's Sircon for Individuals account or an agency's Sircon for Businesses account. A change shall be reported within 30 days of the change.
  • Name/DOB/SSN/FEIN Change or Cancelling a License. Submit the IDOI Service Request Form [fillable pdf link] to report the following: (1) Change of Legal Name; (2) Addition or Removal of Alias/Other/DBA Name; (3) Correction of Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB), or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); or (4) Cancellation of License or Line(s) of Authority. A change shall be reported within 30 days of the change. NOTE: Additional documentation may be required (see form). Save and submit the form and additional documentation to the contact at the top of the form. Allow 3-5 business days to process the request. Changes may be confirmed online through or
  • DRLP Update. An addition or removal of an agency's Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP) shall be maintained online through the agency's Sircon for Businesses account or (by selecting “Maintain Your Firm Associations”). A change shall be reported within 30 days of the change.
  • Owner, Officer, Partner, or Director Update [NOT REQUIRED]. Reporting a change of a licensed agency's owners, officers, partners, or directors IS NOT REQUIRED in Indiana. Such submissions will not be processed or kept on record by the Indiana Department of Insurance.
  • Change of Agency Ownership. If a change of ownership of an agency causes the agency's legal name, alias/other name or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) to change, the agency shall disclose the legal or alias/other name change via the Service Request Form [fillable pdf link] (if only a name has changed) or, if the FEIN has changed, apply for a new license under the new FEIN and cancel the previous license through the Service Request Form [fillable pdf link]. A change shall be reported within 30 days of the change.
  • Letter of Clearance [NOT AVAILABLE]. A "letter of clearance," which cancels a resident license and verifies that it was in good standing in a state, IS NOT AVAILABLE to individuals or firms transferring state license residency from Indiana to another state. A change in license status (e.g., license cancellation/voluntary surrender, standing) may be viewed online through the National Insurance Producer Registry. An Indiana license may be cancelled through the Service Request Form [fillable pdf link].
  • Letter of Certification. A "letter of certification," which verifies an active individual or firm license in a state, shall be requested online through a Sircon Service Request.
  • CE Deadline Extension. Information on requesting an extension to complete continuing education (CE) requirements is available online at The CE extension request form and fee must be submitted at least 30 days prior to a license expiration date.
  • CE Exemption for Retired/Non-Practicing Producers. A continuing education (CE) exemption for retired/non-practicing insurance producers may be requested online through The CE exemption request form shall be submitted outside a producer's 90-day license renewal period, which runs 90 days prior to the producer's license expiration date.
  • Administrative or Criminal Action. Information on the requirements for reporting an administrative or criminal action taken against a licensed producer or adjuster is available online at Information on applying for consent to engage in the business of insurance under 18 U.S.C. 1033 Federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act is available online at
  • Print a License. An active license may be downloaded and printed online through (by selecting "Print A License") or through an individual's Sircon for Individuals account or an agency's Sircon for Businesses account.
  • Producer Contact List. To request a copy of a producer contact list, please email Please specify in the email if you would like a contact list for: (A) Resident Producer Individuals; (B) Non-Resident Producer Individuals; (C) Resident Producer Organizations; and/or (D) Non-Resident Producer Organizations