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Submit a Complaint Online

The Indiana Department of Insurance handles many types of insurance-related issues, including coverage concerns, claims disputes and premium issues. The Complaint Form can be used to address these and other issues. For a list of other issues and how the Department can help, click here.

Please Note: If your complaint involves the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0), please do NOT fill out the Indiana Department of Insurance Complaint Form. This Department does NOT handle any complaints involving HIP 2.0 as it is a federally administered plan and the Department has no jurisdiction in the matter even if your HIP 2.0 plan is administered by an insurance company.

To file a complaint regarding HIP 2.0, contact:

Attn: Laquana Brumfield
402 W. Washington Street, W461
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please click the link below to submit the Complaint Form.

Complaint Form