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Submission Requirements

Rate and Form Submission Requirements

Under IC 27-1-3-15, the following fees apply to all rate and form product filings in all classes of business:

Each insurer shall remit to the commissioner for deposit into the Department of Insurance fund established by IC 27-1-3-28, a fee of $35 per company for each policy, rider, rule, rate, or endorsement filed with the state including subsequent filings. As provided in IC 27-1-3-15 (f), each policy, rider, rule, rate, or endorsement that is filed as part of a commercial product filing or in association with a commercial product filing is an individual filing subject to a fee of $35 per company. The total amount of fees paid by each insurer for a particular product filing may not exceed the greater of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or the retaliatory amount, as required by IC 27-1-20-12.

  1. Revisions in a product filing before the review is completed by the Department are not subject to any additional fees. However, any subsequent changes to the filing after completion of the review (including effective date changes) will generate additional filing fees, including any applicable retaliatory fees.
  2. Entities within the same insurance group making simultaneous identical filings must each pay the filing fees.
  3. Filings made by a rating organization on behalf of their members or subscribers are subject to these filing fees. Members or subscribers who deviate from the rating organization's filing, or file loss cost multipliers, are subject to the fees.
  4. Reference filers and service purchasers must pay the filing fees.
  5. Company manuals are not required to be filed. However, if a company chooses to submit rates or rules in the format of manual pages, that is acceptable.
  6. Filings made to non-adopt or indefinitely delay a rating organization's filing are not subject to fees.
  7. Fees apply to withdrawn forms, rates or rules, unless they are replaced, then a filing fee only applies to the replaced form, rates or rules.
  8. Make sure your fee is correct. Indiana cannot refund or transfer filing fees. 

Product Filing Fees Payment Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2013, IDOI requires all state product filing fees for rates, policy forms and/or rules to be submitted via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at the time of filing submission.  The IDOI will no longer invoice filing fees on a quarterly basis.

If your company has already implemented EFT in the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF), no further action is needed.  If your company has not implemented EFT, contact the SERFF Marketing Team by email at serffmktg@naic.org or at 816-783-8787 to implement this option.  Additional information is available at the SERFF website.  For those companies that do not file via SERFF, please contact the IDOI for an alternative arrangement.

Contact Kim Green, Filing Fees Auditor at  kigreen@idoi.in.gov or 317-234-5473 for questions regarding filing fees.

Filing Procedures

Property/Casualty product filings for policy forms, rates or rules may be filed via SERFF or on paper.

Property/Casualty insurance scoring models containing credit information only are eligible for confidential treatment under IC 27-2-21-20 and must be filed separately from other filing materials as a paper filing.

Property/Casualty filings may now include requests for confidential treatment per IC 27-1-22-4. These filings must be submitted separately, include only trade secret materials and documentation in support of the trade secret materials. The requirements outlined in IC 27-1-22-4(e) and 760 IAC 1-80 must be met in order for the confidentiality request to be considered. The filing fee for materials submitted with a confidentiality request is $100.00.  Companies submitting materials with requests for confidential treatment will receive an invoice from the IDOI.  Please submit filings that include requests for confidential treatment by e-mail to the IDOI Proprietary Filing Request mailbox at proprietaryfilingrequest@idoi.in.gov or on paper.  The IDOI does not accept filings with confidentiality requests via the SERFF System.

All Accident/Sickness and Life/Annuity product filings for forms and rates may be filed via SERFF. Other types of reporting requirements such as Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation Reports, Long Term Care Reports, and Credit Deviation Reports should continue to be submitted by paper ONLY.

General Rules for all Product Filings

  1. Include a properly completed NAIC Transmittal Document or SERFF equivalent with all appropriate forms, rate & rule schedules.
  2. Use the NAIC Uniform Coding Matrix when necessary.
  3. A cover letter is not required but may be included if there is additional information that would be helpful in the product review.
  4. For paper filings, include a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope of adequate size to accommodate the return of the 'approved' or 'stamped' filing.
  5. All policies, applications, riders, etc. must be in final print form with the appropriate form numbers listed in the lower left corner of at least the first page of each form.
  6. Form numbers cannot be variable.
  7. When a filing is submitted by an outside consulting firm, a letter giving authorization to file on behalf of the company(s) is required. When filing for multiple companies, please pre-sort the materials by company before submitting.
  8. Foreign language versions of all forms must be filed. A foreign language version filing must include:
    1. English version of the form with prior approval date (if filed separately).
    2. Translator's certification of the accuracy of the English translation version as per Bulletin 106.
    3. We recommend the English version be filed first, independent of the foreign version, to save translation costs or the need for a new certification for every correction or change made.