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Public Access

Public Access to Rate and Form Filings

Policy forms, rates and rules are available for public access at the Indiana Department of Insurance by accessing several online tools noted below, by appointment or through outside vendors. The vendor information listed below is provided as a courtesy. The Indiana Department of Insurance does not recommend or endorse private vendors.

Rate Watch
The website application will allow consumers to review information regarding premiums charged for health insurance and search recently submitted rate filings.  The rate filings are available at

SERFF Filing Access
Insurance company filings submitted electronically to the Indiana Department of Insurance are available online through the SERFF Filing Access (“SFA”) website at no cost. The SFA website allows users to search for and download filings made available in accordance with Indiana’s public access laws. SFA can be reached via

Health Filings  
The following link provides the health insurance companies that requested a rate increase in Indiana for their specific health product:
The filings are posted in accordance with the Rate Increase Disclosure and Review 45 CFR Part 154 issued by the Department of Health and Human Services on May 23, 2011.

Outside Vendors

Perr & Knight Through an arrangement between Perr & Knight and the Indiana Department of Insurance, all policy forms, rates and rule filings with the Department of Insurance are scanned and made available to the public online. For a fee, anyone may view and download this information from Perr & Knight at Perr & Knight may also be contacted by phone at (310) 230-9339.

Martin & Company Martin & Company has available approved rate and form filings accessible through This searchable, multi-state database will provide individuals the ability to search for recently approved filings. For a fee these filings can be downloaded. On-site research is available for specific or large filing projects. Martin & Company can be reached at or (800) 896-8000.

Information Recovery Corporation Located in Indianapolis, IRC provides timely, on-site, personalized, custom searches for paper, SERFF, and archived filings at a competitive rate.  Contact James A. Gillaspy at or call (317) 997-8452.

A.M. Best provides access to a Multi-State Searchable Database for a fee per state.  The database allows users to view and download the complete filings for both Commercial and Personal lines as filed by Property/Casualty companies with the state.  For further information contact A.M. Best at or call 908-439-2200 Ext 5674.

The Department of Insurance continues to provide access to filing information at no charge to members of the public. Access to original filings may be obtained by first calling ahead and arranging an appointment to view filings at IDOI offices located at 311 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Appointments for on-site viewing at IDOI may be made by emailing Janet Scott at or by calling her at (317) 232-4391.

For those wishing to make copies of paper files, a coin-operated copier is provided.  For those wishing to download copies of electronic filings, please bring a flash drive.