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Life and Annuity Filings must include:

  1. All policies, applications, riders, etc. must be in final print form with the appropriate form numbers listed in the lower left corner of at least the first page of each form.
    Form numbers cannot be variable.
  2. A Flesch readability certification per IC 27-1-26.
  3. The filing submission of the Annual Certification/Life Insurance Illustration, as required by 760 IAC 1-62 through 1-62-11,  should preferably be filed via SERFF.
  4. Any endorsement, rider or application to be used with a product filing. Filing fees apply to these forms. We are no longer reviewing the Advertisement, Illustration, and Disclosure filings, which include illustrations, disclosure for The Life Insurance and Annuity contracts products. This includes the Equity Index annuity advertisements as well. However, please make sure that the advertisements are not deceptive, unfair or fraudulent.
  5. Please reference the 'Life and Annuity Review Standards' .

For questions related to submitting life and annuity filings please contact:

Dr. Mihir Nag