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Compliance Rates & Forms

Company Compliance

The mission of the Company Compliance Division is to protect insurance consumers by conducting policy form and rate reviews for compliance with Indiana laws and regulations. Insurance policy contract forms should not be inequitable, misleading or deceptive and rates should not be excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory. Company Compliance reviews all types of product lines marketed in the state of Indiana, including Property & Casualty, Accident & Health, and Life and Annuity products.


Chief Deputy Commissioner - Compliance and Actuarial Services: Alexandria Peck - 317-233-9607, apeck@idoi.in.gov

Property/Casualty Product Lines

Deputy Commissioner: Kate Kixmiller - 317-232-3495, kkixmiller@idoi.in.gov

Personal Lines Analyst: Linda Grant - 317-232-3496, lgrant@idoi.in.gov

Commercial Lines Analyst: Thomas Faust - 317-232-5859, tfaust@idoi.in.gov

Commercial Lines Analyst: Taylor Ulisse - 317-232-2424, tulisse@idoi.in.gov

P&C Actuary: Lawrence Steinert - 317-234-6622, lsteinert@idoi.in.gov

Accident/Health Product Lines

Health Oversight Manager: Meghann Leaird - 317-232-1990, meleaird@idoi.in.gov

Policy Analyst: Kim Collins - 317-232-2398, kcollins1@idoi.in.gov

Policy Analyst: Bobbi Henn - 317-232-5693, bhenn@idoi.in.gov

Chief Actuary: Scott Shover - 317-232-2416, sshover@idoi.in.gov

Associate Actuary: Stephen Chamblee - 317-234-7993, schamblee@idoi.in.gov

Data Compliance Analyst: Heather Alford - 317-232-2421, halford@idoi.in.gov

Life/Annuity Product Lines

Policy Analyst: Dr. Mihir Nag - 317-232-2420, mnag@idoi.in.gov

Long Term Care Product Lines

Director, IN LTC Partnership Program: Rebecca Vaughan - 317-232-2187, rvaughan@idoi.in.gov

Compliance Coordinator: Mary Ann Williams - 317-232-4391, mawilliams2@idoi.in.gov