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Discount Medical Program Organization Renewal Registration


The IDOI provides renewal requirements of Certificate of Registration for the Discount Medical Program Organization (DMPO) under IC 27-17.

The annual license renewal process can be completed electronically at  The following items must be attached in order to renew as a DMPO:

  • Application
  • $250 Renewal Fee - An electronic renewal notice is sent 90 days prior to the renewal date to the email address on file with the IDOI.
  • DMPO Checklist - Complete only if there have been changes to the previously submitted documentation.  Mark the "Located" column for the items that have changed and attach supporting documentation.
  • Indiana Program Providers - Current list of program providers and contact information.

Marketing Materials

Per IC 27-17-6-1, all advertisements, marketing materials, brochures, etc. must be filed with the IDOI and approved prior for use in the state.  The DMPO Marketing Forms Checklist and a $35.00 filing fee must accompany the marketing materials review filing.

Annual DMPO Report

Per IC 27-17-7-1, all DMPOs are required to file a DMPO Annual Report no later than three (3) months after the end of the entity's fiscal year.

For questions, contact Rebecca Vaughan at 317-232-2187 or

Indiana Department of Insurance
311 West Washington Street, Ste. 300
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2787