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Independent Review Organization Initial Registration

IC 27-13-10.1-8

IC 27-8-29-19

Bulletin 193

IRO Rotation Assignment

The IDOI provides requirements for Certification of Registration for a new Independent Review Organization (IRO) under IC 27-13-10.1-8, IC 27-8-29-19, and Bulletin 193.

Independent Review Organizations are required to be accredited by private, nationally recognized accrediting organization.

The Indiana Department of Insurance utilizes a sequential rotational assignment process for external reviews as described in Bulletin 193.

Initial registration for a new IRO license can be completed electronically at  The following items must be attached to apply for a new license:

Important Reminder: As required by IC 27-13-10.1-8(c)(3) and IC 27-8-29-19(c)(3), an IRO shall file and Annual IRO Report by March 1st of each calendar year.  The Report can be mailed to the IDOI or sent by email to with the subject line: IRO Annual Report

For questions, contact Rebecca Vaughan as 317-232-2187 or

Indiana Department of Insurance
311 West Washington Street, Ste. 300
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2787