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Reinstating A Non-Resident Expired License

Your license can be reinstated if it has been expired for less than one year. For reinstatement take the following action:

  • Pay the renewal fee plus a penalty of three times the renewal fee.  

    Reinstatements for non-residents may be processed at www.sircon.com/Indiana or www.NIPR.com.

    Your license may not be reinstated if it has been expired for more than one year. Instead, you must apply for a new license.  You may apply for a new license either at www.sircon.com/Indiana or www.NIPR.com.

    • Non-Resident Renewal Fee $90.00 (all lines including limited lines), unless a retaliatory fee applies to your state
    • Non-Resident Reinstatement Fee $270.00 plus Renewal Fee $90.00, unless a retaliatory fee applies to your state

Reinstating a Resident Expired License