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Welcome to the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) Volunteer page!

The vast majority of people incarcerated at a Department of Correction facility will become our future neighbors. For this reason, it is in society’s best interest to provide opportunities for incarcerated persons to learn from past errors in judgement as well as learn new skills to help them be successful upon release.  This is where YOU can make a difference by volunteering at one of the twenty-one correctional facilities across Indiana. Volunteers play a vital role helping soon to be released persons make the transition from incarceration to being a productive member of society. Please continue to explore the information located on the IDOC Volunteer website to see where YOU can help make a difference in an incarcerated person’s life.

If you are a current volunteer, thank you for volunteering! If you are interested in learning more about community engagement opportunities with the IDOC, you have come to the right place. Volunteers serve a critical role in our correctional facilities from assisting with programming to mentoring and providing several faith-based services. Please read below to learn more about the requirements, opportunities, donation needs, and how you can help us serve our population.


Persons interested in volunteering, including formerly incarcerated persons, are encouraged to contact us so we can discuss your interests and your options. Please be as detailed as possible about the unique skills you possess and include a contact phone number and list the correctional facilities where you’d like to volunteer. In every circumstance, approval of a request to volunteer rests with the Warden at the facility.