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Juvenile Detention Centers

County Juvenile Detention Centers

Detention Center Phone Numbers

*Juvenile Detention Centers Information on direct files & waiver holds.

*Juvenile Detention Center Inspection Reports

*Juvenile Safekeeper Guidelines

IDOC Juvenile Intake Form Packet (*note: This form is for IDOC juvenile intake only, for questions regarding juvenile intake contact Executive Director of Youth Services Terrie Decker)

Out of County Detention Bed Availability

Juvenile detention standards LSA 22-72

The IDOC is responsible for conducting annual inspections of juvenile detention centers for compliance with the Indiana Juvenile Detention Standards, pursuant to 201 IAC 6. Of the 19 juvenile detention centers located throughout the state, sixteen of the detention centers are county operated and three detention centers are privately operated. Compliance with 100% of the mandatory standards and at least 90% of the recommended standards is necessary to attain “Full Compliance” with the afore mentioned code.

*Juvenile Detention Center Intake & Admission Packets (by County)

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