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Mailing Address
302 W. Washington Street, Room E334
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please submit all Open Records Requests here.

If your request is related to an offender, please include name and DOC number in the subject line.

IDOC Juvenile Intake Form Packet

Deputy Commissioner of Re-Entry and Youth Services

DC Christine Blessinger

Christine Blessinger
(317) 234-2969

Executive Director

Terrie Decker

Terrie Decker
(317) 233-3111

Assistant Director

Chris Dixson

Chris Dixson
(317) 517-5186

Facility Wardens:

Staff Contact Information:

External Relations

Rachel McCaffrey
(812) 929-3980

Program Director,
Division of Youth Services

Marc Kniola
(219) 326-1188

Juvenile Education

Chris Stilwell

Youth Grant Administration

Open Position

Youth Detention Compliance

Open Position

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