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Helping Keep Indiana Communities Safer For 200 Years

1823 - Indiana State Legislature charters the first prison in Jeffersonville, Indiana later becoming known as Indiana State Prison South.

1859 - Indiana State Prison North is authorized to be constructed at Michigan City.

1861 - Indiana State Prison North opens.

1867 - The House of Refuge for Juvenile Offenders for males only opens in Plainfield, Indiana.

1869 - The first prison for women in the United States is approved by the legislature and is known as the Indiana Reformatory Institution for women and girls.

1899 - Legislature separates the Indiana Reformatory Institution for women and girls and renames it the Indiana Industrial School for girls and the Indiana Women’s Prison.

1909 - A hospital for insane criminals is opened at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.

1913 - Legislature authorizes the construction of the Indiana State Farm "The Farm" in Putnamville later renamed to Putnamville Correctional Facility

1918 - A fire destroys the Indiana State Prison South in Jeffersonville.

1923 - Indiana State Prison South is rebuilt in Pendleton and renamed the Indiana Reformatory which eventually becomes Pendleton Correctional Facility.

1953 - The Indiana Department of Correction is established.

1960 - The Division of Parole Services is established within the Indiana Department of Correction in the 1960’s severing its relationship with the State Welfare Department.

1964 - The Indiana Youth Center is established and was later renamed to Plainfield Correctional Facility.

1967 - Chain O’Lakes Community Re-Entry Center is established as a result of New legislation.

1970 - Rockville Correctional Facility is established as a juvenile male facility, moving through stages of being co-ed with adolescent to only adult females.

1971 - Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) begins construction broken into 2 phases and the South Bend Community Re-Entry Center is established.

1974 - A lawsuit filed in the US District Court forces the state to reduce overcrowding in its prisons.

1979 - Westville Correctional Facility opens.

1982 - Branchville Correctional Facility opens as a medium-security facility and has a capacity for more than 1,400 incarcerated individuals.

1984 - Ground breaks for the Correctional Industrial Complex (CIC), later renamed the Correctional Industrial Facility (CIF), located in Pendleton.

1989 - Madison Correctional Facility starts as an adult male facility later transitioning to an adult female facility.

1991 - Edinburgh Correctional Facility is founded as a minimum-security facility that houses more than 300 incarcerated individuals.

1994 - North Central Juvenile Correctional Facility opens.

1996 - Names of the facilities change to be more representative of their geography.

1997 - Ground breaks on Miami Correctional Facility and Wabash Valley Correctional Facility completes construction.

1998 - Construction begins on Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility (PNJCF)

2000 - Correctional Training Institute opens to train new IDOC employees and offer specialized training.

2002 - The New Castle Correctional Facility is established.

2006 - North Central Juvenile Correctional Facility merges with the Logansport Juvenile Intake/Diagnostic Facility to form the Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility.

2015 - The Short-Term Offender Program (STOP) facility's name is officially changed to Heritage Trail Correctional Facility.

2017 - LaPorte Juvenile Correctional facility (LPJCF) is established by converting Camp Summit Boot Camp into a female juvenile facility.

2023 - Ground breaks on the new facility in Westville.

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