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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provides counseling services to offenders transitioning back into the community
  • Provides direction and assistance in securing employment, schooling, training and/or housing for offenders leaving the custody of the department
  • Meets with the parolees on a regular basis, dictated by the risk assessment at a work site, home, office or other location
  • Monitors a parolees movement, housing, employment and other services
  • Completes an initial Risk Assessment and a Re-entry Accountability Plan on each offender, subsequently Re-entry Accountability Plans are required by policy
  • Promotes and develops community resources for offender programs and treatment and maintains records of community resources
  • Conducts community based investigations at the request of the Parole Board to include clemency and parole investigations
  • Investigates parole violations in a timely manner consistent with Departmental and State laws and procedures
  • Apprehends or assists in the apprehension of offenders who have violated the conditions of parole supervision
  • Schedules and holds parole violation hearings
  • Maintains accurate electronic and written records concerning all aspects of the supervision of assigned parolees
  • Respond to emergency contacts on a 24 hour/7 days per week basis
  • Provide regular and ad hoc reports regarding assigned caseload
  • Conducts or assists in conducting preliminary revocation hearings and investigations
  • Transports or assist in the transportation of offenders to departmental facilities
  • Administer and observe urinalysis tests