Careers in Corrections

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The Indiana Department of Correction is looking for talented, professional individuals who are interested in a challenging and rewarding career. 

A career in corrections will provide you with a chance to serve the community and make a difference.


Changing Lives

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) employs more than 6,000 Hoosiers and houses approximately 27,000 adults and juveniles across the state, ranging from minimum to maximum security and community reentry centers.

The IDOC is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of those sentenced to the state’s prisons, while providing effective rehabilitation.

The IDOC has a number of different positions and career opportunities, each one suitable to different people. Within IDOC, there are three main career paths:

• Custody Track: Correctional Officer, Correctional Police Officer, K-9 Officer, Investigations & Intelligence, Parole Officer

• Program Track: Case Manager, Reentry Specialist, Religious Services, Community Involvement Coordinator

• Other Opportunities: Accountant, Plant Manager, Store Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Maintenance Foreman, Trainer

Valuable Experience

Working in a correctional facility will provide you with a chance to serve the community and make a difference. As a role model to offenders, you will be promoting positive behavior change, assisting with rehabilitation and preparing offenders to one day return to the community.

Rewarding Opportunities

A career in corrections can be both challenging and rewarding, but the skills you will obtain can be applied to many different career paths within the criminal justice system and beyond.

• Working in a team setting

• Ongoing training and professional development

• Effective communication skills

• Strong people management skills

• The ability to work under pressure

• Effective problem-solving skills

• Empathy and cultural awareness

• Negotiation skills

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the Indiana State Job Bank at
  2. Click on 'Start Your Career with The State of Indiana'
  3. Click on 'Want to Work For Indiana'
  4. Search for your New Career!

Questions and requests can be sent to our Recruitment Team at or you may contact the State Personnel Department at .

Excellent Benefits

The IDOC and the State of Indiana recognize the importance of balancing work with the demands of life outside of work.

Full-time employees receive benefits such as:

• Retirement Plans

• Health Insurance

• Life Insurance

• Paid Time Off (Holidays, Vacation, Sick, and Personal)

• Tuition Reimbursement Program

• Ivy Tech Community College Tuition Discount

• Employee Assistance Programs

More information about state employment benefits can be found at:

Your Future

By starting a career with the IDOC, you are giving yourself an opportunity for professional growth, and a chance to contribute to one of the most respected correctional agencies in the nation.

A successful career in corrections will bring a range of work experience and life skills to many different career fields including law enforcement, military, social work, education, management and leadership.

Current Job Openings in the Indiana Department of Correction

Click here for: ALL DOC Positions (See below for specific locations.)

Do you have a general question about employment opportunities with the Indiana Department of Correction? Contact us at .  

For more information about employment opportunities contact your Recruiter today!

Indiana State Prison/ South Bend Community Reentry Center

 Adejoke Emmanuel, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Chain O’Lakes / Miami Correctional Facility /Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility

 Elizabeth Donnelly, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Westville Correctional Facility / LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility

 Aaron Parry, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Indiana Women’s Prison / Plainfield Correctional Facility / Reception Diagnostic Center

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Email –

Central Office / Pendleton Correctional Facility

 Molly McCurdy, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Correctional Industrial Facility / Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility

 Carlos Williams, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Putnamville Correctional Facility / Rockville Correctional Facility

 Candy Fielden, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Branchville Correctional Facility / Madison Correctional Facility / Edinburgh Correctional Facility

 Tim Filson, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

 Email -




Wabash Valley Correctional Facility / Parole Services

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Email –


Northern Indiana

 Indiana State Prison
 (LaPorte County)
 Chain O' Lakes Correctional Facility
 (Noble County)
 South Bend Work Release
 (St. Joseph County)
 Westville Correctional Facility
 (LaPorte County)

LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility

(LaPorte County)

 Miami Correctional Facility
 (Miami County)
 Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility
 (Cass County)

Central Indiana

 Central Office
 (Marion County)
 Indiana Women's Prison
 (Marion County)
 Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility
 (Madison County)
 Pendleton Correctional Facility
 (Madison County)
 Correctional Industrial Facility
 (Madison County)
 Plainfield Correctional Facility
 (Hendricks County)
 Reception Diagnostic Center
 (Hendricks County)
 Edinburgh Correctional Facility
 (Johnson County)
 Rockville Correctional Facility
 (Parke County)
 Putnamville Correctional Facility
 (Putnam County)

Southern Indiana

 Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
 (Sullivan County)
 Branchville Correctional Facility
 (Perry County)
 Madison Correctional Facility
 (Jefferson County)