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Why you Should Visit

The Indiana Statehouse is the seat of government for the Hoosier State...

and is a leading travel destination for visitors from around the world.

Indiana Statehouse Tours

The Indiana Statehouse Tour Office greets over 60,000 guests per year. People of all ages walk through the massive oak doors to marvel at the majesty of the 19th Century Neo-Classical structure. The building still houses all three branches of state government.

Visitors come from all 50 states and more than 100 foreign nations. Many guests are "walk-ins," meaning that they are not members of a scheduled group and simply stop in to ask for information or to take one of the many public tours offered every day.

In addition to those from other states and foreign lands, tours are provided to thousands of Hoosiers who come to see their "People's House" and to learn more about Indiana government.

Of course, the Statehouse is a very popular choice for school field trips. Tours of various lengths are offered free of charge. Many visiting students are fourth graders who are studying Indiana history. Thousands of other students of all ages also visit the capitol, including high school seniors who come with their government classes.

For teachers, the Statehouse is a large and fascinating classroom where students can see government in action. On a "one stop" field trip, they visit all three branches of government, gain a better understanding of the role they can play in a representative democracy, learn how laws are made and often meet with legislators and other state leaders.

Since 1888, the Indiana Statehouse has stood proudly as one of the nation's most impressive government buildings. With sturdy walls of Indiana limestone, majestic marble columns and a stunning stained glass rotunda dome, it will continue to captivate visitors for many years to come. The Statehouse Tour Office staff is always ready to share the building's history, beauty and function with all our guests.

If you would like to take a guided tour call (317) 233-5293 or email us at to schedule.

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